Spirulina -20L MAXI set

Package include:

Highly condensed spirulina of your choice for starting 20 L reactor – Secchi 1-2 cm !!!

20 liters Medium  mod. (Aiba and Ogawa 1977, Schlösser 1994) set.

If you are looking for quality you are in the right place.

We can make for you professional microscope photo from
the purchased culture starter on your request.




We provide you “100% success guarantee”.

If your culture fails for ANY REASON in the first 30 days,

we will send you another bottle of live algae culture with no extra charge.

Just pay for the shipping and handling.


Please take under consideration purchase of our medium.

It’s recommended to grow sufficient amount of quality culture in laboratory medium,

before testing your home made mediums recipe from all over the internet.

Having two independent culture will never put you on risk of losing colony.