Spirulina Laboratory Medium (SLM5)

This set is for 5 liters of water.
Probably the best laboratory nutrients for yours culture starter.
Start your cultivation with fully balanced medium the same we are having in use.

All Mediums are delivered in a dry form and vial for self preparation.

All you need to do :

  • Remember to wear safety glasses and gloves when preparing any medium.
  • Prepare 5 Liters deionised (demineralised) water and add whole set in to it.
  • Mix and wait. When fully dissolved it’s ready to use.
  • It’s simple 🙂 and can be great fun !!!
  • Now part of laboratory is for your use.


The nutrients are a modification of the spirulina media developed by (Aiba and Ogawa 1977, Schlösser 1994)